Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sizzling Sunday

The rain just won't stop these days! It's good for sleeping but it always makes me feel moody. Is it just me or... Anyways... we went to Suntec, Sizzler for dinner! It was the first restaurant that we were hooked to when I was like at age 14?

One of our favorite thing in Sizzler was [drums rolling] CREAM OF MUSHROOM!

This was my Second fav. Cheesy Bread! DAMN NICE.

As for the rest of the food, Erm, I sort of swallowed down everything before someone can take a photo of them... OOPS!

Didn't really shop for anything today. Seriously, I'm crazy! Mood-swinging. Sigh. I'm having depression. :( I looked ugly in photos + Real life. Gonna stop taking pictures for a short while...


Friday, January 28, 2011

Time to "Jap"

Warning: This post was suppose to appear on my blog 2 weeks ago.
Ion Orchard

That was the day whereby I got to meet Krys and Mms for the first time in 2011! Their main purpose was to celebrate my B'day with me! So sweet~

Present from Krys and Mms! Thanks bitches! :D Love it though we ended having duplicate of it! Haha!

While krys is making up, I'm busy taking pictures~ Like YEA? I need to keep myself occupy too right? :)

Draw those eyes baby!

Sushi Tei At Raffles Place

The Cold Soba.

An extra side sushi for Krystle~

Curry Rice for me.

Mengshi's personal "steamboat".

With raw meats! YUMMY.

Had FREE ice-cream from XXX. FREE. Jealous?! Haha! OH! And there were Lots of staring going on around us when we were laughing... Weird isn't it? Must be MMS and Krys fault. Their laughter = Superb L.O.U.D.

Looking forward to spending more time with you guys! That night was just so SHORT for us to do our shopping and stuff. Agree?! We shall meet up after the crucial period! :D Cheers babes! And thanks for the wonderful card!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Scape Surprise

At Scape

We were suppose to watch "Burlesque" but we end up shopping around. They had some "underground communication" to give me a surprise... I didn't know anything till something went wrong. It's EPIC.!!! [LOL] Anyway, our group always have surprise failure! Which I think is super FUN and FUNNY! Seriously, it's very difficult to have CLASSIC surprise failures like ours!

Hwee Teng. The talkative one!

Melody. The shy one!

Bethany. The outgoing one!

Wenlin. The auntie one!

Doreen. The friendly one!

Only Owner of the camera, which is me, takes PRETTY PHOTOS! SEE! THEY VERY CHIO RIGHT?

CHOCOLATE CAKE. I'm scared of it now. HAHA.

"NAH! Help me EAT!"

I love friends who would automatic take photos for you! I NEED IT. HAHAHA!

Wenlin: "EH! You all got watch the "Hello stranger"? HAHA! The guy took the photo like... THIS!"

These two girls ah... filling my camera with their faces! I'm going to have... NIGHTMARE! :P

YAY! So fun catching up with them! I really hope to see them again! Sorry girls! Have to pangseh you after that... We didn't really do a lot of things that night. :( Sorry! Time is too short when we were together! We should like totally book CHALET. :) Wheeeeeeeee!! Thank you very much for planning a surprise for me! Thanks! :D


Fish&Co Birthday Suprise

School, SIT block

Was doing project (Erm... maybe not?) when they came in with a CAKE! Surprise no.1! :)

Oops! Should have take the cake when it was in perfect state!

It's my Birthday~

Adeline and Yuwon. The Bimbos :)

Amy, Jingxi, Yishan, Sally and Angelin! Thank girls! :)

Was having difficulty cutting cakes. I always do...

They force me to eat this Look-alike cherry thing which was so disgusting. And I was damn unglam cause the juice just splat out! OOPS!

Orchard Ion, Fish & Co.

They brought me down to Orchard Ion after school to have dinner and they chose Fish&Co cause it was Ade's brilliant plan! Surpise no.2!

Sitting calmly when...

Adeline approach me and say, "Cover your eyes now! Cannot peek!"

I was like "Shit! What are they going to do to me! Must be something SCARY."

Adeline must be whispering some crazy idea to angelin.

Ade: "Stand on the chair!"


Yuwon watching the great show performed by us.

Adeling helping me strip my... Sandals lah.

Look at the guys!


Then they force me to wear this "cat ears". HAHA

Yishan came out with this idea. "You must put an act cute pose and blow the candle!"

Awfully chocolate's small... cake?

Two Masterminds.

Topshop top! :D

The guys... They hate to take pictures! :P

Thanks to these people, I had an unforgettable birthday celebration at Fish&Co.! Scary, I must say! Thank you very much guys!!! [bow]


When I reached home, my dad asked me this funny question. "Qiwei! I found this cake hanging outside our door! Who give you ah?". Surprise no.3!

HAHAHA! It's from Bethany, Doreen and Wenlin! I LOL-ED when I read the box cover of the cake! The cake turned out to be in a bad shape because it travelled from NYP to my house! They wanted to surprise me in school instead! SO SWEET RIGHT?

TO ALL FRIENDS OF MINE: Therefore, people, I LOVE MY FRIENDS. :) I appreciated all the effort you guys made. A LOT. :D Awesome friends I have! CHEERS!!