Thursday, December 9, 2010

NE Discovery Centre

NE Excursion

Felt like we were once again, students! This excursion was COMPULSORY and we need our parents to sign the consent form! We are now, "Grown-ups" aren't we?

Acting cool right Imdad? :x

Had a bumpy road trip to Discovery Centre.

Discovery Centre

Aw~ Lovely Young Ladies! :)

Giving away their phone numbers! Anybody?

Watch Out! 'Chio' Girls coming through...

Calefares surrounding us...

Girls Power.

Booo to the guys! :P

finally! A Class photo! :))

First stop was the Army museum.

Went into this theater whereby they showed us a Very-Short "4D" film. A few effects were included. E.G Strong winds, a little fire blast and fireworks... ... ... Just JOKING. No fireworks lah! Anyway, We had to stand and raise our heads to watch the film about army soldiers having war. The effects were too distracting that I'm not even concentrating on the screen. Too busy covering my ears. OOPS.


I know you will give the "WTF" face when you look at what we were trying to do...

Constructing blocks that were meant to be buildings. I'm NOT ENJOYING IT. The rest were having fun!!

This was the main attraction here. The robot's name, Little George. I have to say that it's quite a retarded name. He could interact with us. We asked him ANY question and he will answer. Interesting eh?

Tour guide: "Can they take a photo with you?"

Little George: "Yessss!"

Tour Guide: "3....2....1..."

Little George: "CHEESEEeeeEEE..." LOL.

Took MRT back to Kovan. I have to say that it was a long trip. And... the field trip was quite a waste of time. They should just renovate it and make it interesting. Maybe find Little George a wife and let him have some kids?

(Credits to Angelin for taking the photos!)


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