Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mum's Birthday!

It's my MUMMY'S BIRTHDAY ON CHRISTMAS! How cool is it?! Right?! AND YES, we manage to do a card for my mum on that VERY DAY. Very last minute, I know. But, it's very pretty! Trust me.

Our Masterpiece...

Collage of herself with us on the front and...

We made "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" with our body! Hehehehe! You should all go, "Awwwww... So sweet!" :)


You must be thinking, "Is this person in love with Resot World?". HA! YES I AM. It feels like, I'm in another country when I'm there! Most importantly, we went there again that night to watch the premiere of the Crane Dance!!! Behold! For the Awesome Premiere Photos of the CRANE DANCE...

Wondering why did the crowd disappear after the third photo? Let me explain, after 5 minutes of the show, it started to RAIN. Everybody was running away and luckily, we had a palm tree standing next to us! Had cover but it's not good enough! So my mum gave us her pink scarf (It's alright! She has umbrella) and TADA! We manage to take lots of nice photos without HEADS popping out! But we were kinda distracted so... I can't comment if the performance was nice... OOPS!

Sigh. The rain destroyed everything that we had plan for our dearest pretty and cute mum. Nevermind! We will have a better Christmas and birthday next year! 2011! Let's countdown!


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