Sunday, December 19, 2010

Marina Barrage: 18th Birthday Celebration

Marina Barrage

Many "Classic" events happened while we were planning to surprise Doreen and HweeTeng. First, the cab incident, me and melody was waiting for bus to Marina Barrage. Then, we saw this cab drive past us with Bethany's face at the window! It was SO FUNNY! Luckily, the two birthday girls are blindfolded! Phew! Anyway, We all got the what-the-hell-shock faces! LOL. Erm... It was the face expression that was funny lah.

Secondly, about this "chao-da" part of the box. I recieved this sms from wenlin saying "we are walking towards the lift". So we hurry went to the rooftop first to find a place. While we were strolling, I heard this FAMILIAR voice. THEN, I SAW HWEE TENG's BACK AND BETHANY. WA! The feeling was super TENSED. I was like WTF, quickly turned around and "shh-shh" to the blur melody! HA! Luckily, we managed to run to a nearby location whereby there were people blocking us. Started to curse wenlin's phone (HURRY CHANGE YOUR PHONE) and poke in the candles. It's definitely a challenge to light up all candles! The wind was so freaking... strong. This brings us to the chao-da part of the box cause we used it to block the wind... I might have heart-attack if it continues!

Doreen And Hwee Teng. HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY! :))

Night Falls

Happy moments photos start from here. Want the full size photos? Sms me!

I think everybody has the same kite!

See! The wind was so strong that the kite would fly without us, running from one end to another.

From left: Me, Wenlin, Doreen, HweeTeng, Bethany and Melody.

Portraying balloon?

Laughing crazily

Portraying Shit.

Portraying Giraffe.

Portraying Potato.

Portraying Fish. Just keep swimming~

Portraying Bat. Hwee Teng's "Wassup" look! NICE~

Love the HweeTeng's rocker look!

Complimenting bethany for portraying the best "dog-peeing" pose!

All of them should looked depress... Oh! Melody is! HAHA!

Bethany happily flying kite. In her own world.

Another surprise for the birthday girls

Lightsticks madness.

Yea... Anyhow wave your lightsticks~

Looks like the disney channel icon! Erm... Let's just say part of it looks like.

OOPS! My bad!

Doreen! <3

Behind scenes. Preparing for...

Rachel aka Wenlin! <3

Melody! <3

Keewei! <3

AhBah Aka Hwee Teng! <3

AhBear Aka Bethany! <3

Had a Great and Wonderful night with them that we forgot to check for Last bus! Manage to catch the last train but bus... Nah~ Transportation is so troublesome at night like this. Anyway, I WANNA MEET YOU GUYS AGAIN! Never been so tired taking photos before... And, That's a Good SIGN! :DDD Enjoyed the picnic and chats!


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