Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve

Resort World

We made this decision a week ago! Our goal was to take photos with the pretty Christmas decoration they put up. Especially the Gingerbread man that they keep advertising! Felt to cheated after finding the "Gingerbread man". It's for KIDS. Just a house and some story-telling thing. BUT, we manage to bring our parents into USS to watch the fireworks! Trip, Not Wasted!



This one looks more like explosion than fireworks.

I realize something after watching the fireworks. People became more 'friendly' after an awesome display of fireworks! Example, strangers, they start smiling to each other! GOSH. They should extend the duration! Maybe some cute guy would exchange number with me! HAHAHA. [dreaming]

Theme of their decoration: Recycle.

Lost Mermaid stuck on tree... poor thing.

The name: H2O. Hmm... "Chim" art.

Wondering why my parents aren't in all the photos? They LAZY. They rather sit down and enjoy the view of the merlion than walk around with us! Anyway, the weather was wonderful. :) That's all for that day!


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