Thursday, December 2, 2010

Awfully Chocs

Awfully Chocolate at Vivo

Both of them accompanied me to Vivo because I was meeting another clique (Bingyuan, Jason, Melody, Valerie, Wanqing and Ziyi) in the evening. :)

Both of them shared this.

While I enjoy my one scoop of dark chocolate ice-cream!

If you wanna eat the chocolate cake, remember to eat it in front of your CLOSE friends. You don't want to show the unglam side of yourself to somebody that you have a crush on right?

Sorry Yuwon but your teeth had the chocolate MARKS.! I just realize it! HAHA! OOPS!

Didn't have time to take more photos with my evening clique! [SIGH] Never mind! We will be meeting each other... SOON, I hope!


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