Friday, November 12, 2010

5th November

I Survived!!! Today was the must-rush-out-2-freaking-coding-projects day. [relieve] Presentation wasn't my forte so why were we chosen to present in front of the lecture hall on Tuesday and Why aren't I feeling... Happy about this?! Hate presentation. ARGHH!

Oh! Sorry but I had to rant about it before starting on my "late" post! :) Here it goes....

Orchard ION

Parents decided to eat at this Paradise Dynasty because of a 'particular' food.

Hehe! Just bought another ring from Diva!

And this is why we were there!

To try them out~

Grass matting found on the floors of the restaurant beside us.

This was our view from our dining table.

I didn't know they were arranged in this manner!

Half-eaten... bao?

YAY! This is the one we were waiting for! "colorful baos"~

To have the best taste of these cute little colorful things, we must follow the sequence when eating them! It goes according to the flavor.

Look at the words my brother wrote... -.-

I ordered this set! The chicken taste like Kentucky Chicken! *slurps* The soup was really nice too~

My cute mummy and the night view of ION.

And that's all for that day! Yay! I managed to stop myself from buying things when I'm walking around in MALLS~ [pat myself on the back] Good Job Keewei!


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