Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cut, cut.

Say "HI" to my short fringe~! My hair is curling back! [SCREAMS] NO~~~

My sis was the only honest one. She told me it was CUTE! YAY! :P


Sunday, November 28, 2010


YAY~ Me and my brother got to stay at MBS for a night! :) Stayed at 44th floor. The room was big with really good view. It's super Relaxing~ The only part I hate about it was the elevator part, which hurts our ears.

This was the only choice left for us. Buying our dinner from food kiosks. There's nothing in the MBS shopping center! (only lots of branded stuff) It sucks! Big time! The worse thing is that it's so expensive! This bowl of noodle cost me $5 and a can of green tea, $2! Ouch.

Sky Park

OOPS. My dad blinked!

It doesn't feel like we were in Singapore when we were up there.

Not sure what's my brother trying to do!

Before sleeping

So... Bored....

Try to ignore my cute pajamas. HAHA. Embarrasing!

I got a pimple on my upper lips! and I hate my nose... So flat!

Brother join in after soaking in the bathtub.

Looks like an egg with banana skin.


Spot Fullerton Hotel.

Trying to scare my brother but I think he fell asleep?

A painting in the middle of nowhere.


Enough of cam-whoring! Time for bed.

After breakfast

Guess what? We had to queue up for at least 15minutes to get our seats for breakfast! This is the first time! Other countries hotel's are like just-walk-in kind. Well, the food was so-so but they did provide lots of variety.

Checked out from the hotel and went to have a look-around at NEX. I wanna move house to Serangoon NOW. They got lots of FOOD~

P.S It's Updated!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Good mood = Enjoyable day

Triple One

Decided to try out this Italian restaurant at Triple One. The price, affordable. Not bad right?!

Wine? Anybody?

Peppermint Tea would be a better choice for us.

Apple juice. They name it some other name to make it sound better!


My mum plays with food. LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE! She was playing with the long-pocky-look-alike thing till they BROKE.

Don't Worry! I'm not going to eat this LARGE plate of salmon paste alone! This is a 4-6 people serving.

Orchard Road Lights-up. Crowded!

You will spot lots of people taking this same Christmas tree.

Love my parents! They tend to have the "you-want-then-buy" mindset! Look. This is what my mum wanted to buy on that day.

A freaking IPAD. 900+ dollars!!! Can change my closet of old clothes lah! (Erhem) Anyway, it's 3G. :) Next, it will be iphone 4 for ME. 13th DECEMBER, I'm COMING!!! MUAHAHA.