Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sally's birthday

Somerset, 313.

Celebrated birthday with this 18-year-old lady name, SALLY!

Her present was this spongebob hoodie. I think both of them look alike because of the spectacle! Right?! Hahaha!

Coffee Club's mudpie for the special lady!

YAY! Sally! You are finally 18! You can now watch those M18 Horror Movies although I think it's still not scary enough for you. Well... Hope you will always stay STRONG(Don't bully ke-ai de wo~ :p), healthy and of course, pretty! :) Cheers!


I'm not going to wear this shoe again. [surrender]

It's an Alligator~! It looks like lizard though...

Had been finding a ring like that since...


TCC stuff are expensive but they all got standard. Really nice! :) Craving for a hot latte...


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