Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Universal Studio Singapore

Woke up early today so that we got enough time to spend in USS! :) People going: Amy, Darren, Yuwon and Zong xiang.


It's powder! Buy one tube and fill whatever flavor powder you like! :)

Shit look-alike duck! Ha! look at darren's happy face! :D

b-i-m-b-o. :P

Here we come!

Lunch at Mel's Drive-in

Cheapest inside besides food court.

Beware of Police Babes! :X

Tried on the hats for free!!

Queuing for "Lights, Camera, Action".

Waiting to sit the "Junior" Roller coaster.

Shrek 4D Dungeon!

Still in love with this ride! It's anti-giddy~

Jurassic Park Ride = wet and BAD HAIR DAY.

-.- He tickled my ear.

Sorry yuwon... BUT I LOL-ED When I SAW THIS PHOTO! HAHAHA! I'm gonna frame this up! :D

Haha! yuwon was flirting with the bird. HA!

Dinner at Godilocks

Souvenir Shop

Freakish glasses for you to choose~

This glasses looked more spunky compared to the rest!

This was the ugliest! Not sure who in the right mind will buy it.

The end of our USS trip! Feeling Giddy cause we sat the mummy ride and continued with another roller coaster and Jurassic park. OMG. Didn't know how I survived... Well, it's really fun though! :) Hehe! Gonna go there again when more rides are ready!

Rides taken: Canopy Flyer, Shrek 4D, 2 times Junior roller coaster(The name is something airways), 2 times Jurassic Park water ride, Revenge of the Mummy, Waterworld and Lights, Camera, Action.

Didn't really take any photos cause we were too engrossed with the rides. We Shall buy the cheap tickets just to go in to take pretty photos! Good idea?!


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