Sunday, September 12, 2010


Here is some upcoming movies to look out for! :)


Who love RYAN REYNOLDS?! Then, you guy HAVE TO watch it!! Story: Him, trying to escape from a box buried underground.... HMM... How did the producer or whoever came out with this idea?!

Trailer --> Buried

Alpha And Omega

For FOXy lovers out there! There will be 3D too! Never come so close to a pack of wolves? Watch this then! IT's So FLUFFY!

Trailer --> Alpha And Omega

The Town

Steals money from banks. Meet a girl. Betray your "buddy" to the cops. This is what I think the movie IS about.

Trailer --> The Town

The Winning Season

Looks funny and I never seen a movie with GIRL basketball team! CUTE.

Trailer --> The Winning Season

Love and Other Drugs

Ever watched "Price of Persia"? Love the main actor? AH! PERVERT! ... ... Well... Anyway, he will be acting in this movie with Anne Hathaway!!!

Trailer --> Love and Other Drugs


I GOT goosebumps when I watched this trailer! Christina Aguilera movie! A MUST-WATCH.

Trailer --> Burlesque

The Next Three Days

Husband trying to break her wife out from the prison. Well... Nothing is impossible right?

Trailer --> The Next Three Days

Black Swan

Won lots of awards so it must be an interesting movie! Who's up for ballet?!

Trailer --> Black Swan

Life As We Know It

Typical romantic film. Hate each other. End up together.

Trailer --> Life As We Know It


Dwayne Johnson is back in ACTION!

Trailer --> Faster

Sucker Punch

This movie is specially made for guys. Hot Girls running around with machine guns, dragons and explosions~ What do you think?

Sucker Punch


The trailer succeeded! It makes me have Goosebumps which means that, I MUST watch it~ Damn! There's Maggie Q!

Trailer --> Priest

Chain Letter

Oh My GOD. I always don't forward those chain letters! The "Chain letter man" wil come for me... Eeee!! Please don't send me any chain letters...

Trailer --> Chain Letter

Easy A

A movie about a girl coming out with white lies about losing her virginity to 'upgrade' her social and financial status. I guess Ang mohs are really proud to lose their virginity! HA!

Trailer --> Easy A


I'm so SO GONNA WATCH THIS! It's like "Beauty and the Beast"! Touching~
Trailer --> Beastly


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