Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Marina Barrage

Buying food were the first thing we did after waking up. IMPORTANT tidbits and drinks for the day! :)


With the crazyy Yuwon.

Yami Yoghurt Store are built everywhere to tempt people like us.

Marina Bay MRT

While waiting for the rest, it's the zi-lian time!

I <3 USS Greenie.

Our Blue mat.

Still can't imagine how big the mat is cause the person holding it is... not... very... tall? :X

Unglam #1.

Unglam #2.

Unglam #3.

I'm NOT her friend! Not sue why is she SITTING ON THE FLOOR LIKE THIS. -.-

Out of curiosity, we tried Naughty G. YUCKs. So SWEET.

Taking her revenge because I kept laughing at her "Woodpecker" incident in USS.

Someone's smelly feet.

Bimbo posing!

Marina Barrage

Our $13 colorful kite!

Trying to figure out how to fly a kite...

Well, it's a good start!

Our Snacks!

Straberries! Anyone?

Zong Xiang trying his best to fly the kite and...


It's up there!

Spot the Gateway to Heaven~

Darren's turn!

Group Photo!

OOH! Time flies. It's getting dark~

SORRY ANGELIN! Maybe you can make it as your Profile pic?! :P Joking, joking!

Pretty moon, aren't you lonely? Where are our starry friend?!

Beautiful bubbles.

"Early" Birthday Girl (Eshlyn) late arrival!

[singing birthday song] :)

Jingxi! On behalf of my camera's flash, SORRY for making you close your eyes! OOPS!

Failed Group Jump Shot

Guys Jump Shots

HA! Unglam! WHOO.

Amy enjoying her supper!

That's all for the night! It's really relaxing when you were there. Especially at night. :) We missed our Marina Bay station's bus stop and were LOST. Luckily, the next stop was near Tanjong Pagar MRT station and we have Darren's iphone! HA! That's why, iphone really comes in handy! IPHONE, COME TO MAMA!


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