Wednesday, September 29, 2010

18-year-old Krys

29th Sept. It's SOMEONE'S SPECIAL DAY~ I knew this girl from my sec 3 class in year 2007. She looked so innocent that time... ... Oh! And now, she is still 'looking' innocent! :)) Who knew that we could keep in touch till this day right?! We still talked for hours, laughed at the same stuff and even mind-read each other's mind. Let me present you my best-est biatch, Krystle Khoo! :)

Surprise Party at Krystle's House

Sorry krystle! We stepped on your pinky bed. :x

That particular hair always suddenly hang out from no-where!

I looked weird.

Very weird... [grab my fringe]

This is for you Krys!

Cam-whoring while waiting for Krystle's arrival accompanied by Wenlin.

We decided to hide in the toilet. Hmm... Not a brilliant idea but krys won't notice any difference. haha!

[SCREAMS] <-- from krystle.

Birthday song for the birthday girl.

Make a wish~ Krys: ("I want to be Zac Efron Girlfriend.") OOPS! LAME.

She didn't CRY, just tear a little! If it's me, my eyes would be RED, I think?

The Guessing Game: which post-it belongs to who.

That's all for that day! Had a bad hair day because I forgot to take the most important thing, her birthday cake! And so... I had to climb the overhead bridge twice! Perspiring like hell when I reached krys house. That's why I looked so OMG. Am I finding excuse? sounds like. Hehehe!

Finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Krystle! You are finally 18! <3 you and hope you liked the surprise! Enjoy your YOUTH.


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