Sunday, September 19, 2010

18th September

Haven't go out with my sis since... I'm not sure! One month? FINALLY, she came home and decided to join us! R-A-R-E.


Sis and her Bebe! [shivers]

Have to crop cause my parents had unglam poses~

Like some wedding ceremony...

Crispy Tofu.

AW~ Playing iphone together.!

Yami! I looked fierce/sian. *growl*

Mummy! :)

Ate my "Strawberry and cheese" Bread while playing MJ. Hehe! It's addictive! (I mean, Mahjong)


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  1. We should hang out more during the weekends sis! :) Wanna celebrate halloween at the zoo tis year, to be honest I am quite SCARED. hehehehe