Sunday, September 5, 2010

Golden Headphone.

Poor foot. They had been carrying me for the entire day! Had lunch at Ion Orchard. Nah~ Nothing special. Just Mee sua.

YAY! FINALLY! An unglam shot of my sis! I LOVE IT. :P

In search of my brother's bag but instead I bought a headphone for myself! Hehe! reasonable price and good! Most importantly, FREE GIFTS. :) The shop is near City hall. Friendly people, good deals and they will let you TEST the earphones until you found one that you love it A LOT!

One free headphone! Amazingly the quality was pretty good!

Free Nice texture Pouch for the Headphone.

This is what I bought!

If you look around and spot... a 'CUTE' girl striking a 'DANCE POSE' with this golden headphone... HA! You are in luck! Cause that's ME, Keewei! YES BABY~ CHEERS! :D Oh shit. Is this good or bad?

P.S I'm not a POSER or a WEIRDO!

I just like it cause of the quality not because of it's striking color!!! [ponder awhile] Okay... MAYBE it is? It's nice right?! Fine! I have "UNIQUE" taste for stuff! Lalala~


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