Thursday, September 16, 2010

Overnight Stay

A day to spend with my dear lovely friends! Packed my bags and head to Krystle's house for the night! Hehe! :)

I got nothing to do in the afternoon and started to experiment with the Double eye-lid sticker I bought in JB.

Without the sticker.

Ta-DA! I got Double Eye-Lid! Nice?

My Bi-atch! :D

Clarke Quay

Mengshi was the doreen's Make-up artist for the day and Wenlin was the supervisor. Location: Burger King.

Didn't sleep at all cause I was freezing in Krystle's room! Trust me, it's SO FREAKING COLD. [shivers] Should have brought my WINTER jacket there~ Had an "Eventful Night" that I will never forget. Take care girls! See you guys really soon for Sakae? :)


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