Wednesday, September 29, 2010

18-year-old Krys

29th Sept. It's SOMEONE'S SPECIAL DAY~ I knew this girl from my sec 3 class in year 2007. She looked so innocent that time... ... Oh! And now, she is still 'looking' innocent! :)) Who knew that we could keep in touch till this day right?! We still talked for hours, laughed at the same stuff and even mind-read each other's mind. Let me present you my best-est biatch, Krystle Khoo! :)

Surprise Party at Krystle's House

Sorry krystle! We stepped on your pinky bed. :x

That particular hair always suddenly hang out from no-where!

I looked weird.

Very weird... [grab my fringe]

This is for you Krys!

Cam-whoring while waiting for Krystle's arrival accompanied by Wenlin.

We decided to hide in the toilet. Hmm... Not a brilliant idea but krys won't notice any difference. haha!

[SCREAMS] <-- from krystle.

Birthday song for the birthday girl.

Make a wish~ Krys: ("I want to be Zac Efron Girlfriend.") OOPS! LAME.

She didn't CRY, just tear a little! If it's me, my eyes would be RED, I think?

The Guessing Game: which post-it belongs to who.

That's all for that day! Had a bad hair day because I forgot to take the most important thing, her birthday cake! And so... I had to climb the overhead bridge twice! Perspiring like hell when I reached krys house. That's why I looked so OMG. Am I finding excuse? sounds like. Hehehe!

Finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Krystle! You are finally 18! <3 you and hope you liked the surprise! Enjoy your YOUTH.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Change in progress

dislike myself. Gonna change. starting with dressing.

Anyway, I got this from my newly-created tumblr. tumblr. Follow me if you have one? :) I always kinda mass-reblog people...


Monday, September 27, 2010

While others were either at Suntec watching the really cool F1 or rotting at home watching TV, we went to iluma instead. Random right?

The topmost level

Escargot.Poor snails~

Feel like puking when I see these dishes. HAHA! Not SURE why! It's not really appealing I guess.

There's live music there and compare to Timbre, it suck.

Finally bought a pink slipper from NUM. Hehehehe.

50% OFF! Cheers! :)


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fireworks Display at USS

This was a last-minute decision made by us. Alright. We actually planned to just go SHOPPING in Vivo but instead, we ate at this Chinese restaurant and visit USS for the fireworks! :)

Resort World

Why were we taking with this Big "ah-gong" lantern?

Dinner at Baits

Love Cereal Prawns!

Xiao Long Bao! The Cannot-miss-it food!

The Vampire Effect

Who wants the LOVE BITE? :)


Time for Dessert!

Chose the smurf's... poo?

This milky thing?

And Sugar-free Chocolate!

Looks Scrunchy~

Not suppose to take photos inside of Candylicious but that's what happen when you have an iphone in hand.

When you get a random someone (Bad at using cameras) to help you take a photo, it will end up this way. BAD.

Universal Studio

My brother is CRAZY! Ha!

Trying to Dig Out his heart... (Gross)

ER... Bag Fashion Shot?

When can the thing start moving?!

Come! have your palms read here!

Psychotic man...

I'm an Addictive Shopper!

Lift it UP.

I think they should hire us to be one of those freaky things~

My brother? Surfing by using the lion's tail?

We manage to find some "seats", which is seating on the floor, near the lake! Good side: Nobody's blocking you. Bad side: Some of the fireworks were SUPER BRIGHT till we had to close our eyes! I think that happens to everyone who was watching. You guys will know what I mean when you go watch it yourselves. (Heard that HK Disneyland fireworks display were better) Anyway, I want MORE pretty fireworks~!

Vivo's HK Dessert shop

The desserts, not-very-nice.