Monday, August 23, 2010

YOG Girls Football: Semi-Final

Had YOG performance at Suntec Convention Centre with Chaixia, Jonathan and Minhui. Head to esplanade's Iciban to meet my brother afterwards and Guess who's there?!

DAVID CHOI! Haha! He was brought back inside this room but he still posed WITH his fans and for them to take photograph! :) Nice guy~ He performed at Esplanade Library on that very day. SHIT. I missed it! His live performance must be REALLY GOOD.

Video of him in Singapore!

Jln Besar Stadium

Missed the Turkey VS Chile match!

Equatorial Guinea VS Iran

Singing their National Anthem.

Never expected it to be so crowded! Everybody's CHEERING CRAZILY. HAHA! Didn't know they would be so HIGH. Singaporeans are so Weird... Anyway, had MAC for supper. FAT.


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