Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vivo day

Had our dinner at Kovan's New york, New york. And I ordered the wrong dish! Can't finish cause it was too... Nasty?
My brother LOVES his new hairstyle. Hmm.... What do you think?
I swear I will never order this again!
Even this turkey looks nicer.
Planned to watch the "Songs of the Sea" at sentosa but the tickets were all SOLD OUT! Two timings! All SOLD OUT~ [grouchy] Ha! Didn't expect this to happen! Is it THAT nice? Must be the tourist. Ok! Shall go another day to JUDGE it. :) Let's go, SHOPPING! There's lots of really CHIO stuff this season lor! IRRITATING.
Trying out iphone's flash. :)
Sushi Tei
Choosing lovely sushi(s) to eat!
My salmon bowl! WHOO!
(Photos taken by bro's iphone).
Our second dinner of the day! Hahaha! I'm becoming chubb-ier. -.- shit. Wish I had a 'painless' diarrhea to clear away those food~


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