Thursday, August 19, 2010

Street Dance

This time round, we had another 'bitch' to join us and she's... Mengshi! Ta-DA! A REALLY INTERESTING HAPPENED TO US.

Story: We were suppose to alight at outram park MRT station to meet MS to eat BBQ food but instead, we ended up at VIVO. THEN, MS forgot to bring her phone out! And so, we sat MRT to Ourtram and guess what happen next... ... the boss CLOSED DOWN THE BBQ RESTAURANT! -.- Reminds me of a song. "SHUT IT DOWN~" Okay! Ignore me! So we ended up going to Dhoby Ghuat's Kopitiam = Beef noodles and Peranakan cuisine.

Last minute decision to watch "Street Dance". Dancing is C-O-O-L! How I wish my parents let me learn dancing when I was young... SIGH. Imagine me, Pop-ing. WA! Cool cool! :)


The saleperson there was really good! He played all the really NICE AND HIGH Songs when we were there! We were the only customers... Hehehe!

SORRY girls! I must put up one UNGLAM photo here man! My Policy! :P

This photo will always make me S-M-I-L-E. :)

That all for the day!


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