Sunday, August 22, 2010

Step Up 3D

Sat Circle line with Krystle to meet Mengshi at CityHall. She BATHED her laptop. -.- HA! That's why she need to bring her 'gay' purple laptop for service. :P Unfortunately, she had to pay for the damage! The person asked her, " Did you like spill water on your laptop?" after she checked the laptop. HA! Nice one~ So, new laptop for Mengshi I guess! :) Carry on!

Haji Lane

This pretty girl is MENGSHI. (If you can see her face)

We were dead tired!

Fatimah Ma Mengshi trying to take "Artistic" shots~ :X

Fact #1: When you have data plan, you just can't stop using your phone.

Look prettier without my face! TMD.

MS Took this for me! COOL AND EMO~ NICE!


If you wanna catch this movie in 2D, forget about it! This movie is meant to be watch in 3D!! WOW. The dance moves were like... SUPERB! Their hands were like moving in TOWARDS you! Cool shit~ :)) Worth it, Worth it!

I love the "WATER" battle part!

Whoo!! Ate Mos burger afterwards with additional members. Doreen and Wenlin! :)) And that's all for that day!

P.S This post is suppose to pop out on 19th August!


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