Monday, August 23, 2010

Sentosa: Song of the Sea

Had dinner at Kovan's Yoshinoya instead of Vivo City. (Haven't ate salmon bowl since... Woah! Memories, memories~) Head to Sentosa straightaway and it's like DRIZZLING! Well... Nobody cares! Everybody just took out their umbrella and watched the show!

The Song of the Sea Show.

Guess what? All of them didn't sing LIVE! It would be better if they do...

Even their conversation were RECORDED.

Their conversations were so boring! So relieved that the "laser-ed fish" appear~

The main character among the fishes, "Oscar". (I think)

This particular volcano appear. OH RIGHT! Forgot to roughly tell you about the whole story.! Okay. Lee and his friends were suppose to save some princess whatever by singing. [-.-] Yep! That's all! It's kinda irritating when "Lee" sang the same tune for many times cause different weird creature would ask for he's help. Like this volcano.

The 'after-effect' of Lee's singing. FIRE BALLS BLASTING AWAY! SO COOL.

The fireballs came out with the rhythm of the music~! NICE. (One of my favorite part in the show)

Next creature. And this time she will release...


I know... Can't really see the effect! Well, all the laser were green~

Next creature after effect was WATER!



Finally, they saved the princess by singing TOGETHER. HAPPY ENDING.


Everbody "WOAH-ed"! The effect were really, super GOOD. Not bad not bad! The entire show was saved by this part.! :)

Walking to Resort World

Got the "christmas" feel right?

I believe I can fly~

Accidentally made this effect which was PRETTY.

Looks like a commercial poster!

HAHA! Sorry Edmund! BLUR~


BEWARE: Lots of FROGS along this lane! YUCKS

Merlion staring at the moon or does it wanna eat it? :) AH! LAME ME.

The GLAM Resort World!

CREEPY EFFECT. They became invisible in this photo! OMG....[goosebump]

Could not get into Universal Studio to watch the Fireworks! Never mind! I will catch it the next time round!

Hard Rock Cafe

The man serving us was 'over-friendly'!

Live band! :)

Once you sit, he will take out his iphone! Arghh... I want MINE!

Ordered these drinks with 'little' alcohol content. We didn't know that there was Vodka in our drink. -.-

Ours was "Tropical Rock".

Edmund's "Fruitapalooza".

Yes. I'm a weak drinker! My face became red immediately after a few sips? -.-

Had to take public transport back home with my red colored skin. [face became redder] PAISEI! Anyway, I get home safely and with lots of stares~


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