Saturday, August 7, 2010

SALT-y day with Ah Wen

Was suppose to watch "Crazies" today with Ah wen but instead, it's "Salt"! The cinema for "Crazies" was small lah~ Spot many "red dots" (That is how wenlin called them) everywhere because of National day celebration in schools. SIGH.
[chants] Sequel, Sequel, Sequel... ... The movie was awesome!! (Partly because of Angelina Jolie lah) Both my eyes were STUCK to the screen from the beginning! Just love this kinda movie!
Scape Park
Just took photos so that I got something to post on my blog! :)
Sakae Sushi
Wenlin's mind -> YUMMY!
UDON! Hmm... Big bowl but small portion.
Dessert time! (Look at the I-LOVE-FOOD-HAPPY FACE)
Nice Choco Ice-cream! Nice stuff are always small in size! WHY?
I LOVE to Chat, laugh, eat with Ah wen cause She's my "evil" twin sister! :) [evil laughter] Yes! And Both of us really needs a DATA PLAN SOON. RIGHT Dardar?!


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