Friday, August 20, 2010

KBox at Scape*

YOU HEARD RIGHT! We had a KBOX session! I did sing alright! But we call it, 'freestyle' singing. (another meaning for it is anyhow sing) Ha! alamak! You know it~ I can't sing well cause I'm a shy girl... ... Damn! Okay. I can't sing actually. Lalala!

People involved in the crazy session: Doreen, Hwee teng, Melody, Wenlin.


Love this! See how pretty we were!

Hwee teng: "Wa! So many songs to choose! Which one to sing first leh?" By the way, this thing is like an iPad! You know that irritating action you do to all iStuff? The swiping action? Yes. It works on this thing!

Take a Dirty picture of me~


First couple up to sing!

Small little Melmel~

Next couple!

Happy Ah Bah!

Trying to Act shy ah?! :P

Wow! I never had such a cool lookings Loabangs!

This is how a "CELEB" (Me) look like when they were taken by paparazzi.! [shy]

Wenlin: "Take Me Take Me!" [excited]

Ah WEN! Natural you is the best! :)

I got no idea why most of our photos looked... RED.

Who took their feets (Eeeee) with my camera!! SPEAK! :p


Felt so relax when I sing with them! Now I got a KBOX kaki! :) Doreen, Wenlin and I went to find Krystle at her workplace after that for dinner. Ate at Hawker! [proud] I love the "shui jiao"~ [stomach growl] Time to get some snacks!


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