Friday, August 13, 2010

Dating with Krys and Wen.

Yoohooo~ This is our VERY, first day meeting each other after 'bitch' came back from Bangkok! It's a NEW beginning! While waiting the clock to strike 2pm.
Bus 80. All the way to Vivo.
Reached vivo at around 3plus and we had our lunch. Yes, yes. We love to have lunch + dinner together. Not only can we slim by a tiny bit, we can also save our money. Killing 2 little, small birds with one stone! Isn't it GREAT? Anyway, we ate at superdog and the fries there was really good! Fat fat ones! Unlike Macdonald's. "jian le fei" de fries
Awfully Chocolate. Big serving for an affordable price! LOVE it.
Then, we ended up slacking at this particular location after walking around. :)
Two Australia magazines for 8.30! Cheap! And there's... Emma Watson~ Chio-bu.
Found these "AfterShock" tickets for tomorrow on the floor! LUCKY RIGHT? Not sure what's the movie about though.
Please wear your 3D glasses for special effect.
Flipping through to find interesting stuff like... ...
Acting innocent. SUCCEED.
Is she Twitter-ing about how Lovey-Dovey we are together? :)
Don't so stress Dardar!
Must learn how to zi-lian from her. :X
We could do this all day if we want, you know?! :D That's what make us so,so,so c-l-o-s-e... OMG. There's a tiko lao ah pek on the bus when we were on our way back! Scary! He SMILED at us! Eeek!

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