Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tampines 1 with Krys!

I'm Bitch's heroine! :)) Went to accompany her at Tampines, you know~ (Praise me) Well... She asked me out cause she didn't want to stay in school for 3 long hours. So... How could I reject her! After all, She's my bitch! :D
Ate zinger (fat) and frolick!
She loves her frolick so much that...
she took...
so many photos of it... Cute ah she!
OOH! [like this photo] Credits to... bitch!
KRYSTLE, you better sleep early from NOW ON. You see! Go out with me also no energy to eat your favorite frolick! RAH! Next time cannot ah! :))) Heehee! If not, I will nag you every, single day!


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