Sunday, July 11, 2010


Visited my granny at Tan Tock Seng and YES, she's fine! She is still as cute and healthy as EVER! hehe! :) <3 granny! Then ate at Novena's "My Mum's kitchen". The service was scarily good and the food, let's say, I never expect it to be that good. Went down to town with brother and ate a $1 twister(vanilla + chocolate) cone. The guy was super generous cause that was the first time that I can't finish an ICE-CREAM CONE. Imagine that. Met two bitches and they were doing Manicure! So Ai mei right? :X
Far East
Yes... We took photo in the toilet. -.-
Bitch No. 1 :)
Bitch No. 2 :)
Lovely :)
Found Mengshi in the flea market at the "got-hang-up-pants" spot. (Mengshi, bitch!, hurry go eat BBQ together! :D) Then, ate Mos burger for dinner. Ah! I'm like on fast food diet! [Shit.] The two very-very-hungry hotties LOVE it. ALOT.
Then, went vivo to walkaround and most importantly, get Ah Wen's yogurt ice cream. HA! Sat bus 80 all the way back to Kovan. Awkward scene = a group of guys standing in front of you. RAH!


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