Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shrek 3

Found this when I opened the refrigerator...
Looks like those box that contains Octupus balls right?!
Cute Muffins... ... ... Look carefully.
Ha! These are not for humans, it's for my baobao. -.- Lucky dog.
Anyway, went Bishan to watch Shrek 3D with my brother! :) (He's alright! No worries!) First time watching 3D movies at GV. The tickets were SUPER expensive cause it's saturday. As for the 3D specs, Hmm... I think the gv ones are more expensive than those in cathay ones. See for yourselves!
I did laughed for quite a number of the parts! I think it's so so so cute!!! For me, I think it was okay. :) I love both Puss in Boots and Donkey! Haha!
See the cool, heavy 3d Specs.


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