Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sex and the City 2

Went out on Thursday with Ade, wonnie and Zx to iluma to watch Sex and the City 2.! Random right? Well... We didn't have school on that day! LOVE IT.
They said that Miley Cyrus would be invovle in this movie right? Guess what! SHE DID! And It's for like... lets count... [raise up ten fingers] 10 seconds? Anyway, some parts were really funny! Especially the woman who loves to DO MEN. :)
'Accidentally' stepped into a really expensive korean restaurant cause we were like... FROZEN. The price... [woo~] 30 bucks EACH. -.-
The service was good...
And, Just look at those PORK BELLIES~ It's really GOOD.
Cover the barbequed meats with vegetables and you are ready to MUNCH. (Remember to put the really NICE sauce)
[heart "piang"] MY MONEY... ... GONE~ :( Never mind! At least they gave me a 5 dollars voucher. But... I don't think I will go back again? -.-
Head to the cathay to find that "Killers" tickets were SOLD OUT. So decided to eat Ben & Jerry's and all... Singapore = Sian.


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