Saturday, June 12, 2010

SCO concert + Zhang Lao Shi Solo

Came back from Shenton way! Just watched tonight's SCO concert cause my sweet and cute teacher performed! (It's HER SOLO!) [Proud] Then, decided to share with Minhui(The Kuku) to buy her flowers. :) Show her our love you know?! She was super duper cool on STAGE.!! That's why... I'm her student mah... :P
Dinner at the Wendy's
Ate their premium fish buger. Hmm... Taste like... Burger King one leh. Nothing special. Maybe I should try their Beef the next time round.
What's with my friggin fringe. -.- F.
I finally got her AUTOGRAPH! She look so pretty! :) Hmm.. And she got the really... "shan liang" face!


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