Saturday, June 5, 2010

Prince of Persia and Nightmare on Elm Street

I have to admit that... There's too many movies to watch!
Went to cineleisure to watch Prince of Persia with yuwon in the afternoon cause we had no lessons today! :D So LUCKY US! Ate pasta mania. (Nothig else to eat) Then played, photo hunt! :) I like, any problem?!
NICE! Was concentrating throughout the entire movie! Wonnie shook my chair when she got scared by the sound effect and... She scared me... -.-.
This is the main actor! Jake Gyllenhaal. Not bad right?!
Finished at 6plus and met up with Adeline, Jie lun and Zong xiang to watch Nightmare on Elm Street!!! Believe it or not! By the way, the cinema was full house!
Hate those stupid sound effects! I JERK two times at those UNEXPECTED parts. I don't understand why he's still alive at the end! Arghhhh.~
Had Late dinner at BBQ chicken and talked about the class gathering thingy. Sigh! Don't know where to chill out together in Small little Singapore....
Pasta Mania
Tried their... what soda? [shouts](Yuwon! What soda is it called again?!) Had a Distracting Background... Wonnie *Slurping* up her pasta. br>Wonnie preparing to take photo.
Finally, a good picture of her.!
Can't wait for my fringe to grow...
That's all for today's post! Tata!


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