Sunday, June 27, 2010


I (so-called) RECOVERED from my deadly sickness!!!! [pray pray] Finally! [Breathe fresh air] I will post my Indonesia trip later. Anyway, we went to the Pixar at Science Centre today! (Last day) Bought the tickets long ago... .... So, overall, the exhibition was ALRIGHT only. Thought that it would be really, REALLY interesting though...[Hai~]
I saw them when I was leaving house! I think they were hiding from the rain... poor thing.
From Ang Mo Kio to Jurong East station!
Science Centre! Give me the impression of Mojo Jojo's house... (Without electricity running between the 2 long thingy) I Don't know why! OH! My sickness like not recovered yet...
Before entering must take more photos. No cameras allowed inside! :( But there's also NOTHING to take. -.-
Watched the Toy Story 2 3D after looking around. :))) NICE!
Moving T-Rex.
That's all for today! They went to play Mahjong and I went home... ... ... :((( Shall do my stuff now~


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