Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lunch with...

Ate lunch with Felix (met him during our Europe trip) on like 25th May? (Oops!) He came to Singapore for some company meeting and decided to meet us up!
Orchard Central
thailand pizza.
The food sucks. Eeee.... Will never step in again!
At Heaven's Loft
My sis was so cold inside that we went out to absorb some HEAT.
Our "Pillow Fight" ice-cream! (totally ignored the lollipop)
Ouh~ Both little orange gummy bear ended up in my tummy!
Triple One
Felix went off and we ate this Jap ramen! Not bad! :)
Bought one really EXPENSIVE shirt. You guys will find out soon! :) And, I saw one really NICE outfit from Mango! Hais! Didn't get it cause left size 10. -.-


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