Sunday, June 27, 2010

First day of Indo

The trip was totally not enjoyable for me! Booo~ I kanna food posoining! -.- Totally sway. And there were lots of stuff... ... ... I didn't get to take a lot of photos too. Too many people. Sigh~ Aiya! Lots of stuff going on on this trip lah! Hate it. Did buy a little stuff before I fall SICK but the best were all at BALI. tmd.
At Changi Airport, Terminal 1
We are the Shopping Queens~
Jarkata Airport
Not sure why Ivy is so excited! :P
Where's the bus... ... ...
Our entire group!
First Stop: Some Shopping mall?
Could not take photos while shopping...
Lunch at the "Duck King" restaurant.
Only Ruiping was ready to take photo... Ha!
Look at the duck meats...
Some soup? I forgot how food taste like you know! My stomach is now crazy!
Ate our seven course meal (I think) and head back to the hotel to put down our stuff and go rehearsal...
At the Music Hall. (don't know how to spell it's name~ -.-)
It's super big and grand.
Even the ceiling was nice!
I look so ugly~ but first time got such photo of me leh! ARTISTIC~ (Thanks to Zixin's dad)
Ruan xian's the BEST~
Back to my room at Sheraton Media!There's cartoon for me... :X


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