Sunday, May 9, 2010

Shop + Pub

Met mengshi first cause the other two "cuties" (Krystle, Wenlin) had to surprise their friend and were l-a-t-e. :P Well~ When they reached, MS was already carrying Topshop, Zara and Bershka bags. [Shouts] Shopoholic! :p Was suppose to look for a bagpack for myself but... na... not a single one I like. (I'm like so desperate right now. Anyone! Got Lobang, must inform me ah!) Ate Beef noodles + cold beancurd + you tiao again! LOVE IT. :)) Picture time!
In a pubSnacks = Nuts!
Picture quality sucks. Reason: We hate flash Yes, We tried... a little... beer
Aiyo... Children, don't learn from this lady okay? :P
I hate my irritating curly + frizzy hair. SEE! I'm like a don't-know-what beside them. Lala~
Wondering where's MS? It's rare that she appears on our photos. HA! Anyway, She sang britney spears Toxic and Everytime! GO mms, Go! I support people who support britney. WAHAHA! [Waving britney's banner] And the dancers there picked 1,2,3 to dance! WHOO! [HIGH] Okay, I shall calm down... Love the ambience there. Really relaxing. Then, head home by bus + cab. (Got to see Singapore's MOST RUDE AND CHEEBYE taxi driver (or we should just call him "fucker") EVER) Sorry about the vulgarites but I'm really pissed when I mention about that idiotic f***face. He nearly dragged our deardear MS along!
Story TimeWe did not have cash with us so we decided to use NETS to pay for the cab but we didn't know which cabs allow NETS. And so, we have to flag down each cab we see to ask whether they got NETS. Mms was the one who will open the door and ask. First cab driver: (In chinese) "You all can take the yellow and blue cabs." -.- Okay... Most of them are yellow and blue cabs only the one his driving was RED. NEXT (!$#%) DRIVER: ... ... [Didn't even looked at her, Turns back to his steering wheel and drove off] Mms haven't close the dirty door yet and was still holding on to the dirty cab door! Imagine that! That fucking driver! Krystle was like _|_ at him and reading out loud the plate number. But... none of us remembered cause we were too busy cursing. -.- HA! Well, that LUCKY BASTARD. We will definitely SUE HIM TO HELL! TMD. (%@#$%@$%) Damn. OOPS! Did I say too much?! Okay, that's the end of the story. Thanks for reading and goodnight! :)


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