Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day = Ah ma's birthday

Yesterday was Mother's day! Had practice in the morning and then went for lunch at my granny's place. It's Buffet! Yay! And my "Ber ber" gave me a small cup of red wine. Mwahaha! Then, my "gugu" gave me a sleeveless cute cute top which was brought back from Japan by my "jiejie"(I call her jiejie lah. Her husband is a pilot leh). Then, my aunt has this really HIP style for her hair! She dyed two colors on her hair at the back. Blue and red (Not those bright one). It's so COOL.
Look at the family! (Unfortunately, not all of them are there including me. I'm holding my camera... [SIGH])
OOH! Large enough for the family!
Isn't my granny cute? Hee! :D
Didn't really celebrate for my mummy. Just ate yong tau fu but she knows that I LOVE + ADORE HER! :)) She's the best mummy! [Hug and kiss her photo] And yea, VB quiz totally kills my mood. Took it today and came out this UML diagram. BOO. It suck! -.- Hope that our (kns) teacher will be more lenient.


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