Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Last Song

School ended REALLY early on wednesday! [Love that FEELING] Went to Far East to eat Jap food:) [LOVELY] The only thing was the shop was so squeezy! AND, when we reached there, the chef were preparing the ingredients. They don't allow us to sit there cause they scared we would steal their recipe! CUTE. I bet yuwon, ade and Zx don't even know how to cook fried rice. (Right, you three? [lalala])
ZX [expensive] sashimi(s)! Look so... ... RAW.
Yuwon, come on... DON'T hide your face! :P
Ade, are you aiming for zong xiang's Sashimi?!
My udon and sushi set.!
LOVING RAW STUFF. (hmm... Sounds wrong. Whatever!)
Head to Heeren and new urban male was having promotion! 50% off each item! (Min. 2 pieces) So... I bought my BAG! YAY! thanks to YUWON! :D Hee!
Looks at these irritating big, bulky paper bag.
Somebody sms-ing honey?
Tada! Say "HI" to me when you spot this bag! :D
The Last Song at Cineleisure
TOUCHING. Me, yuwon and I bet Ade too, tear-ed! That Zx was the saddistic! -.- And he had this sudden BURP that he also didn't know that it would happen that made us LOL. NICE ZX. Anyway, the movie was sad at the end and they kept playing those really sad piano song? You know?! AND I love Miley cyrus BF. SO CUTE! [SIGH]
You know what I mean now? Well, I don't think Miley is even suitable for him! AH! I'm just jealous~ [Mwahaha] :D


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