Monday, May 17, 2010

Iron Man 2

Spent the afternoon doing a bit of or project work at AMK hub after eating Mos burger and went to meet Mms at PS before buying Iron man tickets... :)
Boring Ipnet lessonYuwon's use case. Mine. So much neater... Hai!
Bought one pathetic ice-cream and sat there to do our project. (With Ade and Jielun) Well... We were busy taking weird photos instead. :x OOPS!
The Cathay
Met Mms and she ate beef noodle while I drank Barley in a restaurant at The Cathay, level B1.
Extra chilli and vegetables on the beef. Added by: "Extra" Mengshi...
Played the Plants VS Zombie and bejewled. -.-
Her 'act cute' mouse. Click on the scroller and it will say, "I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU".
Iron Man 2
Haven't been eating SWEET popcorn for so so so long! NICE. And they bloody change my favorite lipton ice lemon teat to the heaven and earth ice lemon tea! Sian... Don't like the taste...
Well... I prefer the first one but it's still nice for ME. (Only me~) Haha! Cause the other three thought that it was bad! [HAI] :P Mms and krys fell asleep and Ah wen, not sure if she did but she had a little chat with krys. -.- Hmm... I'm a "all-also-not-bad" person. What to do!


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