Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ip Man 2

Met Bingyuan, Melody and Ziyi yesterday to watch my can't-wait-to-watch movie, IP MAN! Believe it or not, the cinema was still F-U-L-L! YES. We had to book the tickets on the internet. -.- Had a late, late dinner at pasta mania after movie. :) Luckily, I had late lunch.
NICE! I LOVE IT! I was hoping for more! Like what melody say, maybe being abuse by the ang-moh police officer? OH MAN! Wanted it to last longer! Sigh! The fighting was still really good, good and GOOD!
Ip man's 徒弟. I think he's quite cool too!
AH! SO CUTE! BRUCE LEE! IP MAN 3! I'll be waiting! :DD


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