Thursday, May 6, 2010

3 + 1 Hours of break

How did I manage to 'survive' for the entire day although there are like 5 hours break for me.?
Tip number 1: Buy an Eclipse Spearmint sweet to keep you awake. (BTW, it's 3.70!)
Tip number 2: Book a small room
Tip number 3: Bring a portable DVD player (I swear not to use my laptop AGAIN to play my DVDs)
Tip number 4: Bring a movie or two. (Action-packed movies are always better. We watched Narnia. [Random, I know])
Tip number 5: Take PHOTOS.
Note: Taken with Webcam... Judging by the quality, I think it's quite obvious... ...
Yuwon thinks that she's "Lao Fuo Ye"
Lesson learnt: To bring my semi-pro camera everyday!


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