Sunday, May 30, 2010

kawaii handphone

This phone is currently mine! :) Hehe!! Don't fall in love with it. :p
Nexian. It's small.
It's made with swarovski crystals.
And when u turn the screen in a clockwise manner, you have the qwerty keyboard! LOVE IT
This phone is from Indonesia, called Nexian! I shall have a data plan SOON.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Britney on twitter

"This is really amazing! I love you all! I better get busy writing 4,947,608 thank you notes! U guys make me sooo happy!" --> Britney spears.
Imagine if one day, ONE DAY, you reply me... ... ... [SCREAMS]


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ip Man 2

Met Bingyuan, Melody and Ziyi yesterday to watch my can't-wait-to-watch movie, IP MAN! Believe it or not, the cinema was still F-U-L-L! YES. We had to book the tickets on the internet. -.- Had a late, late dinner at pasta mania after movie. :) Luckily, I had late lunch.
NICE! I LOVE IT! I was hoping for more! Like what melody say, maybe being abuse by the ang-moh police officer? OH MAN! Wanted it to last longer! Sigh! The fighting was still really good, good and GOOD!
Ip man's 徒弟. I think he's quite cool too!
AH! SO CUTE! BRUCE LEE! IP MAN 3! I'll be waiting! :DD


The Last Song

School ended REALLY early on wednesday! [Love that FEELING] Went to Far East to eat Jap food:) [LOVELY] The only thing was the shop was so squeezy! AND, when we reached there, the chef were preparing the ingredients. They don't allow us to sit there cause they scared we would steal their recipe! CUTE. I bet yuwon, ade and Zx don't even know how to cook fried rice. (Right, you three? [lalala])
ZX [expensive] sashimi(s)! Look so... ... RAW.
Yuwon, come on... DON'T hide your face! :P
Ade, are you aiming for zong xiang's Sashimi?!
My udon and sushi set.!
LOVING RAW STUFF. (hmm... Sounds wrong. Whatever!)
Head to Heeren and new urban male was having promotion! 50% off each item! (Min. 2 pieces) So... I bought my BAG! YAY! thanks to YUWON! :D Hee!
Looks at these irritating big, bulky paper bag.
Somebody sms-ing honey?
Tada! Say "HI" to me when you spot this bag! :D
The Last Song at Cineleisure
TOUCHING. Me, yuwon and I bet Ade too, tear-ed! That Zx was the saddistic! -.- And he had this sudden BURP that he also didn't know that it would happen that made us LOL. NICE ZX. Anyway, the movie was sad at the end and they kept playing those really sad piano song? You know?! AND I love Miley cyrus BF. SO CUTE! [SIGH]
You know what I mean now? Well, I don't think Miley is even suitable for him! AH! I'm just jealous~ [Mwahaha] :D


Monday, May 17, 2010

Iron Man 2

Spent the afternoon doing a bit of or project work at AMK hub after eating Mos burger and went to meet Mms at PS before buying Iron man tickets... :)
Boring Ipnet lessonYuwon's use case. Mine. So much neater... Hai!
Bought one pathetic ice-cream and sat there to do our project. (With Ade and Jielun) Well... We were busy taking weird photos instead. :x OOPS!
The Cathay
Met Mms and she ate beef noodle while I drank Barley in a restaurant at The Cathay, level B1.
Extra chilli and vegetables on the beef. Added by: "Extra" Mengshi...
Played the Plants VS Zombie and bejewled. -.-
Her 'act cute' mouse. Click on the scroller and it will say, "I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU".
Iron Man 2
Haven't been eating SWEET popcorn for so so so long! NICE. And they bloody change my favorite lipton ice lemon teat to the heaven and earth ice lemon tea! Sian... Don't like the taste...
Well... I prefer the first one but it's still nice for ME. (Only me~) Haha! Cause the other three thought that it was bad! [HAI] :P Mms and krys fell asleep and Ah wen, not sure if she did but she had a little chat with krys. -.- Hmm... I'm a "all-also-not-bad" person. What to do!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Project never fails to drive people crazy

Look at Amy's pm with 10 million angry faces and sally's pm with the kind word FUCK. [LOL] Our group are also trying to chiong out right now. [This project is a waste of my time]


Distorted us

I skipped the last two lessons today. No reason! Just that I think that my cough would irritate people... (Am I Right?!)
While waiting for the next lesson
Do we look like a... couple?
Tried this new thingy with our webcam! Cool right?


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Look at this cute cute photos

Doing project at MOF with Yuwon, Adeline and Jielun. But instead, we played with our webcams! [Blame Yuwon~]
I think I fit this hairstyle~ :P Oh my god~ We look like a 'CUTE' couple!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day = Ah ma's birthday

Yesterday was Mother's day! Had practice in the morning and then went for lunch at my granny's place. It's Buffet! Yay! And my "Ber ber" gave me a small cup of red wine. Mwahaha! Then, my "gugu" gave me a sleeveless cute cute top which was brought back from Japan by my "jiejie"(I call her jiejie lah. Her husband is a pilot leh). Then, my aunt has this really HIP style for her hair! She dyed two colors on her hair at the back. Blue and red (Not those bright one). It's so COOL.
Look at the family! (Unfortunately, not all of them are there including me. I'm holding my camera... [SIGH])
OOH! Large enough for the family!
Isn't my granny cute? Hee! :D
Didn't really celebrate for my mummy. Just ate yong tau fu but she knows that I LOVE + ADORE HER! :)) She's the best mummy! [Hug and kiss her photo] And yea, VB quiz totally kills my mood. Took it today and came out this UML diagram. BOO. It suck! -.- Hope that our (kns) teacher will be more lenient.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Shop + Pub

Met mengshi first cause the other two "cuties" (Krystle, Wenlin) had to surprise their friend and were l-a-t-e. :P Well~ When they reached, MS was already carrying Topshop, Zara and Bershka bags. [Shouts] Shopoholic! :p Was suppose to look for a bagpack for myself but... na... not a single one I like. (I'm like so desperate right now. Anyone! Got Lobang, must inform me ah!) Ate Beef noodles + cold beancurd + you tiao again! LOVE IT. :)) Picture time!
In a pubSnacks = Nuts!
Picture quality sucks. Reason: We hate flash Yes, We tried... a little... beer
Aiyo... Children, don't learn from this lady okay? :P
I hate my irritating curly + frizzy hair. SEE! I'm like a don't-know-what beside them. Lala~
Wondering where's MS? It's rare that she appears on our photos. HA! Anyway, She sang britney spears Toxic and Everytime! GO mms, Go! I support people who support britney. WAHAHA! [Waving britney's banner] And the dancers there picked 1,2,3 to dance! WHOO! [HIGH] Okay, I shall calm down... Love the ambience there. Really relaxing. Then, head home by bus + cab. (Got to see Singapore's MOST RUDE AND CHEEBYE taxi driver (or we should just call him "fucker") EVER) Sorry about the vulgarites but I'm really pissed when I mention about that idiotic f***face. He nearly dragged our deardear MS along!
Story TimeWe did not have cash with us so we decided to use NETS to pay for the cab but we didn't know which cabs allow NETS. And so, we have to flag down each cab we see to ask whether they got NETS. Mms was the one who will open the door and ask. First cab driver: (In chinese) "You all can take the yellow and blue cabs." -.- Okay... Most of them are yellow and blue cabs only the one his driving was RED. NEXT (!$#%) DRIVER: ... ... [Didn't even looked at her, Turns back to his steering wheel and drove off] Mms haven't close the dirty door yet and was still holding on to the dirty cab door! Imagine that! That fucking driver! Krystle was like _|_ at him and reading out loud the plate number. But... none of us remembered cause we were too busy cursing. -.- HA! Well, that LUCKY BASTARD. We will definitely SUE HIM TO HELL! TMD. (%@#$%@$%) Damn. OOPS! Did I say too much?! Okay, that's the end of the story. Thanks for reading and goodnight! :)