Monday, April 12, 2010

Gold class!

What did we do TODAY?! I finally get to step into GV gold class to watch Clash of the Titans! :D HAPPY! It's so COMFY that you would SLEEP if the movie is way too boring.

Our Gold class tickets!

I love Carls Fries~ It's big and good...


Whoo! My granny love it!

I'm in the 'D' row which was the last row.

Incline chair, table and a button for you to press if you need FOOD~

They give you a blanket somemore! It's super comfortable that I took out my shoes!

Definitely worth watching! The adult version of percy jackson with Kraken, cooler effects and Gods! The medusa is also prettier here but it's a pity that her head is again being cut off to kill 'toot'.

Yes! That's all for today. By the way, Someone hack into my FB account! The details... Ha! I accidentally deleted it. -.- Anyway, it said that someone logged into my account on friday at 5.11pm in UNITED STATES! They must be joking.! Maybe some really HOT guy wanna check out on me!! AH! [Daydreaming] Anyway, I've changed my password cause FB advice me to do so. Sigh! So unlucky me. Luckily, I don't have any naked photos. :X


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