Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Escalator incident?

Rain Rain come again~ The weather's so good now! Love it. :D Just came home from orchard with yuwon. Ate Burger King (AH! fat fat. :X) and something happen on the escalator that made me LOL + tearing + stomach pain. I will try to explain it here. Okay, try to imagine it if you can...
Scenario: There's a lady behind us on the escalator in ION. (Note: Me and wonnie were on the same step) Then, she says "Excuse Me." to us and so, I stepped down one step trying to give her a way to walk down but yuwon, too, stepped down! So, we were still blocking her cause we were again, standing on the same step! Then, Yuwon stepped down again and once more, I stepped down too! OH my gosh! We were like dancing with each other!! The lady behind laughed too! [paisei] Haha!!! Finally, I stopped moving to let yuwon go in front of me. YAY! The lady must be very relieved! HAHA!
Done! FUNNY RIGHT?! Okay... I think you all don't get it. -.- Well, I shall go have my dinner.
Why is my eyes unequal?! 0.-


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