Monday, April 26, 2010

The Bounty Hunter

Yes! I get to watch my "Bounty Hunter" today! Both Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston in the movie. Of course, I LIKE IT! (Oops... A bit bias lah. :P) But both of them were cute what... Anyway, we (Ade, Wonnie, Zx) watched at GV (Eeee...)because of zx. He wanna use his 2 pieces of $2 off vouchers. Well... Too bad! The movie's too new so he didn't get to use them! MWAHAHA! (Shit. Karma karma). Yep! Thinking about whether or not to go to hair treatment tomorrow. [Irritating frizzy hair]
To people reading this post, please note that there is a "Chatbox" above and should I put music on my blog? (DE~ It's English.) Tell me!


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