Monday, April 19, 2010

And... Again!

Ate Iciban at Novena! It's REALLY GOOD!

JUST LOOK AT THIS!!! SO FRESH~ I love sashimis!!

Then, met krys and wenlin but they were late for our appointment.Reason: Their (irritating) work lor. I have to walk around like some loner with no one to accompany.! HA! Anyway, they reached around... 5plus and we ate Soup spoon!

Krystle comment: Looks like the Honey pot! (From the winnie the pooh if you do not have childhood memories. :P)

The soup was good but too much... Such a waste cause I can't finish it. Then, Shopped around and drank Starbucks! (finally!!!)

The greedy biatch~ HA!

The "broke" but wanna sip-sip rachel~ :P

Who's golem hands was that?! Haha!!

Sexy ladies...

Looking at... ?

There's fake eyelashes and now, Fake Moustache! Tada!

Krys: "I want this face shape!" Both of us: "Hmm... A bit too small leh!"

One of the glamer shot from the burst shot. :)

Yes krys... This pretty braclet is you give one. Proud or not?! HAHA!

Yes! :D And that's all for today! The last day of our holiday! [NO!!!!!] :((((


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