Friday, April 30, 2010

Ade the po!

She became CUTE when she became Po! LOL! Oops! Anyway, I love friday! Projects are going to kill us really soon... ...


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Escalator incident?

Rain Rain come again~ The weather's so good now! Love it. :D Just came home from orchard with yuwon. Ate Burger King (AH! fat fat. :X) and something happen on the escalator that made me LOL + tearing + stomach pain. I will try to explain it here. Okay, try to imagine it if you can...
Scenario: There's a lady behind us on the escalator in ION. (Note: Me and wonnie were on the same step) Then, she says "Excuse Me." to us and so, I stepped down one step trying to give her a way to walk down but yuwon, too, stepped down! So, we were still blocking her cause we were again, standing on the same step! Then, Yuwon stepped down again and once more, I stepped down too! OH my gosh! We were like dancing with each other!! The lady behind laughed too! [paisei] Haha!!! Finally, I stopped moving to let yuwon go in front of me. YAY! The lady must be very relieved! HAHA!
Done! FUNNY RIGHT?! Okay... I think you all don't get it. -.- Well, I shall go have my dinner.
Why is my eyes unequal?! 0.-


Monday, April 26, 2010

The Bounty Hunter

Yes! I get to watch my "Bounty Hunter" today! Both Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston in the movie. Of course, I LIKE IT! (Oops... A bit bias lah. :P) But both of them were cute what... Anyway, we (Ade, Wonnie, Zx) watched at GV (Eeee...)because of zx. He wanna use his 2 pieces of $2 off vouchers. Well... Too bad! The movie's too new so he didn't get to use them! MWAHAHA! (Shit. Karma karma). Yep! Thinking about whether or not to go to hair treatment tomorrow. [Irritating frizzy hair]
To people reading this post, please note that there is a "Chatbox" above and should I put music on my blog? (DE~ It's English.) Tell me!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

ZX Birthday

It's our dear Zong Xiang birthday yesterday! According to him, he never had surprise birthday party before? So... hoped that he enjoyed his birthday yesterday! : )))  



Surprised by his Freshmen. The advantage of being an OGL, I guess. :P  

The Birthday boy! 


Luckily for ZX, he got  a group of good and kind freshies!! 

Cineleisure(Some Jap Restaurant)  

Raw Prawns! (Replacement for Sashimi) They had no stock on that day! What a pity...  


A Mudpie for Zx! Special right? Adeline and Yuwon went to Coffee Club to buy it. And when they reached there, they were short of 17  CENTS! What is wrong with the supervisor?! Cannot even get over with 17cents. So they had to run to a UOB atm to take out cash... ... -.-  


Make a wish, Make a wish~ 

Watched "Kick Ass" after lunch without Ade (She watched it already). Cine's security super strict. They will check all IC no matter what. (By the way, the movie is M18).  


It's funny, violent and crappy. Hahaha! You would say "What the hell?!" after watching this movie, like me! The hit girl is like the best among all?! A little brutal girl who did chop off one of the bad guy's legs... 

Orchard Central (Coffee Bean)  


My pure Vanilla. :D 


His present! A Fred Perry Bag. 


The timer burst shot, Fail.  

High-speed burst shots below.

I LOVE it when there's lots of unglam photos! :p

We were there for an hour? Talking and crapping about results. Anyway, Happy 19th Birthday to Zong xiang again! Hope that he will have his WISH would come true~ :P  


Monday, April 19, 2010

And... Again!

Ate Iciban at Novena! It's REALLY GOOD!

JUST LOOK AT THIS!!! SO FRESH~ I love sashimis!!

Then, met krys and wenlin but they were late for our appointment.Reason: Their (irritating) work lor. I have to walk around like some loner with no one to accompany.! HA! Anyway, they reached around... 5plus and we ate Soup spoon!

Krystle comment: Looks like the Honey pot! (From the winnie the pooh if you do not have childhood memories. :P)

The soup was good but too much... Such a waste cause I can't finish it. Then, Shopped around and drank Starbucks! (finally!!!)

The greedy biatch~ HA!

The "broke" but wanna sip-sip rachel~ :P

Who's golem hands was that?! Haha!!

Sexy ladies...

Looking at... ?

There's fake eyelashes and now, Fake Moustache! Tada!

Krys: "I want this face shape!" Both of us: "Hmm... A bit too small leh!"

One of the glamer shot from the burst shot. :)

Yes krys... This pretty braclet is you give one. Proud or not?! HAHA!

Yes! :D And that's all for today! The last day of our holiday! [NO!!!!!] :((((