Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ah Wen's Birthday!

Yay! We were all late once more! Ha! Went to eat Yuki and Yaki at Marina to celebrate Welin's birthday. By the way, She came the latest! Boo! :P

The first to arrive! (Unexpected cause we thought we were late...)

Time to cook the food!

Mel eye-ing the food~

Yucks.... Turn out so black after cooking our raw meat!

Doreen can't wait to cook the ICE-CREAM.!

Birthday girl.!

Hwee teng, Theeban and Doreen's "weapon".

Looks like a mud puddle but it's tiramitsu ice cream~

Using all the force to SCRAP! Ha!

Looks nice right?! Miny Ice-cream~

Ah bah's Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips~ Kawaii!

Wenlin's present, a BRAND NEW RED CAMERA! Can't wait to try snapping some photos~

This looks shitty... Eeee...

Melody's old camera. HAHA! :P

So SWEET....

Me, bio-ing wenlin. I guess?

The girl on the card represents Wenlin. Reason: Her eyes looks the same when she smiles. :)

She french kissing the guy on the wall.!

All thanks to this bunny, we took lots of photos~ HAHAHA!

Before signing off, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO AH WEN AGAIN! YOU ARE 18! (Unbelievable...:P)And let's MEET UP AGAIN soon!!! :) LOVE YOU GUYS!


Sunday, March 28, 2010


Just came home from vivo. It's so crowded now because of the Resort world... SIGH!

Before leaving home.

For this camera, I don't have to edit the photos!! Baobao looks so INNOCENT HERE! (Cannot judge it's book by it's cover applys here...)

Just look at her pink tongue!

Baobao + Sister's 美腿.! Artistic? Not really lah.

Eating at a HK restaurant

I ordered this baked rice. Looks bad here...

My sis and her BF.!


My private pool?

My thighs and arms are aching! Not that serious though... Swimming for two consecutive days! Which was yesterday and today. I think my frizzy hairs are dead by now.

Our balcony has the pool view~ Mwahaha!

Let's go swim!

My brother bought this very very very nice PINK slippers for me at a very very very unbelievable price!

After I bought this camera, I became the photographer! Dammit! :P

No photo of us swimming cause it's going to be really unglam! Especially when I need a goggles to swim!