Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CNY 2010

What do you do during Chinese new year? We just sat around, eat, watch the TV and stone for the day...

拜年at my ah ma's house.

Let me introduce... HAPPY! A very cheerful and friendly dog! Totally opposite from baobao lor. -.-

You see! Naughty baobao! ran away~ That's why she disappeared in this photo.

At my 伯伯 house.

Taken with the BULKY and BIG camera! See the difference in the quality... whoo~ I wonder when will my dad buy one...

Caught a midnight movie, The Wolfman, after dinner at AMK hub.

It's NC16 that is why there were pulling of intestine, bloods, dead bodies, blahblahblah... Ha! Scared me once or twice! But not as bad as my cousin, Felicia. She shook our whoe row of chairs! haha! Imagine watching this movie in the midnight... -.- Was suppose to watch other movies like Valentine's day or the little big soldier but all, FILLED! Actually The wolfman was a cool movie to watch in the cinema. With the loud sound effects and all! Nice~


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