Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Spy Next Door

Went straight to cineleisure after handing in ONE of our individual project[VB]. (Lots more projects to go...) We needed a break! Chose to watch the Jackie Chan movie! Managed to pull Wonnie, The unwilling to watch Jackie Chan movie girl, to watch with us! Ha! We got the skills of psycho-ing people~

Oh man! Should have more fighting scenes lah... It's funny though! I love the little girl! She's so frigging adorable!!! Haha! I hate the russian accent of the woman. Ew! [Disgusted] So irritating!

YAY! Finally get to eat my Burger King! :) Then while we were talking, Mark lee walked past... After about 15minutes, Jack neo walked past... Know why?! Old Town's just opened at cineleisure. =.= That's why...

Walked around, talked and suddenly, we wanted to try waxing! :X Oops! Shall stop here! TATA! Got to work on my projects. Presentation Tomorrow!


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