Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Birthday Madness!

8th January
It's Friday night! My siblings + my lovely longest best friend(Shiang Ling) spent the time with me at Vivo, "The King Louis" for my birthday dinner!

Why is Shiangg so happy?! Cause there's ME! :P

Bro: "Hey! Let's move to the light la! Then won't look so dark..."

Bro: "Ha! Looks like we peeking out of the mouse hole..." I agree! Peek-a-Boo!

Oops! My sister is out of the photo frame!

Went back to our table and we start our camera self-timer...

My sister un-prepared pose....

OMG! Sorry SHiang! Hahaha! Blocked your pretty 鬼脸!

2 Big-Eyed devils and 2 Close-Eyed angels! Waha!

Shaing ling and my brother's poisonous tongue...

My actual pose was to "kiss" my sister head... But it end up looking like i'm smelling her "smelly" hair~

Congrats to my brother cause he did capture the small "fire" at the backgroudn... Haha! He says that they were nice wor~

Our Castle Feast!

It's For ME!!!!! Shiok right?!?! No la~ Joking! My sister asked me to pose with the food as if it's for one person.. Ha! Her idea!

Yummy! There's 4 steaks, fish, wages, lots of mussels, chickens, prawns...

A really pretty restaurant! I love it! But, of course, it's expensive. My siblings treat! :D Hee! After dinner, went to shop around to find my dress as present. But, unfortunately, nothing I really like! Haha! Never mind! The feast was good enough!


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